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List of Urgent Items Needed by the Earthquake Victims in Haiti


• Water Filter units (Ex.Bio-sand).
• Water Purification tablets (Ex. Acquatab, WaterMakertm Chlor-Floc , waterguard).
• Purification units.
• Rehydration salts.
• Anti-diarrhea.
• Anti-decongestants.
• Antipyretics (to lower fever).
• Malaria medicine.
• Typhoid medicine.
• Hygienic Kits.
• Antibiotics.
• Anti-allergy medication.
• Anti-parasite medication.
• Skin treatments: antibacterial & anti-fungus (Mycology) ointments, powders, lotions, creams.
• Pain relievers: Tylenol, aspirin, ect.
• Eye drops, saline solution.
• vitamins.
• Insect (Mosquito) Repellent.
• Sterile and anti septic materials.
• Disinfectants: alcohol, ointments, hydrogen peroxide.
• Soaps, Detergents.
• Chlorine bleach.
• Bedding (blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, tarps, tents, plastic sheeting and cots & folding beds).
• Tarpaulin – of any size, preferably 10X10 or larger. It is used for both roofing and flooring, and Medical clinics accessories and materials: Disposal syringes, needles,bandages, sterile as well as regular gloves, betadine, gauze, tape, cotton balls, pads, topical wound care stuff (silvadene, bacitracin or Neosporin etc. ointments, xeroform, etc.).
•Skin-graft equipments (dermatome, blades, mesher).
•Sterilizing equipments, cauterizing equipments.
•staples, staple removers, sutures (all sizes and types… Nylon (ethilon) 2-0 3-0 4-0 … Vicryl 2-0 3-0 4-0 0-vicrly… Chromic 3-0 4-0 2-0; Prolene 6-0 4-0 3-0 2-0 etc. instruments, (trays, plastic tray).
• Sterile as well as regular Gloves.
• Antibiotics… cephalosporins, cillins, cleocin, etc.
• local anesthetics.
• Fiberglass splint materials… casts and cast cutter tools.
• IV fluids, IV lines, tapes.
• Chest tubes and drainage system (try red cross or US govt team).

FOODS DONATIONS REQUESTED: Rice, beans (dried only), cooking oil, Sugar, Corn Flour, Nutritional bars, fruit & nut bars, cereal bars. Drinking water (Cases or six- packs at least, no single bottles), Baby food, formula Milk—powdered (long-life, no cans). MRE's (Meals-Ready-To-Eat). NO CAN GOODS PLEASE.

PERSONAL HYGIENE GOODS: Toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, sanitary napkins, soap, disposable diapers, new hand towels and brand new underwear - adult (small & med.) and children sizes.

OTHER ITEMS: Tea Light candles & quality batteries (AA & D). Flashlights, lanterns with batteries. NO USED CLOTHING, please.

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