Colombia - Medellin I

During the celebration of family day that occurred the 10th of October of 2009, in the neighborhood Santamaría in Medellín Colombia, the participation of Solidary was present, organization that has within its main objectives to keep families together, coming out like a main foundation for our society. The development of this event was possible with the collaboration of the foundation LUPAS, presided by Gloria Nancy Ruiz. And the participation of Carlos Arturo Betancourt in representation of the governorship of Antioquia. This day was shared with this beautiful community, enjoying a time to love and remember that there are many reasons to smile. Beyond the gifts the hearts of the people were filled with hope and love for life, Thanks to Solidary for making possible these unforgettable moments.

Durante la celebración del día de la familia que se realizó el día 10 de Octubre del 2009, en el barrio Santamaría en Medellín Colombia, estuvo presente la participación de Solidary, organización que tiene como uno de sus principales objetivos el mantener unidas a las familias, destacando su importancia como célula principal de la sociedad. El desarrollo de este evento se llevó a cabo con la colaboración de la Fundación LUPAS, presidida por la Sra. Gloria Nancy Ruiz. Y la participación del Sr. Carlos Arturo Betancourt en representación de la Gobernación de Antioquia.
Este día se compartió con esa bella comunidad, disfrutando de un tiempo para amar y recordar que hay muchos motivos para sonreír. Más allá de los regalos se llenaron todos los corazones de esperanza y amor por la vida, Gracias a Solidary por hacer posible estos momentos inolvidables.

We provide not only a hygienic environment, balanced & nutritious food, clothing, and shelter but also education with love and affection, and above all morals, basic family values and culture. We are working to help needy people all over the world.To find your local office of Solidary and the programs we are development you are invited to visit us.

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