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Grant Funders:

Grants can fund unique programs or emergency initiatives.

Solidary Foundation's Program Development Team, based in our Miami, Florida area office, support grant-funded field programs and projects.

The Program Development Team serve as liaisons between grant funders here in the U.S. and Plan field staff in developing countries.

The team raises funds from a variety of sources including institutional, foundation, and corporate donors while providing field staff with technical and adminstrative support on grant-funded projects. The team's roles include:

Growing and diversifying sources of revenue for programs
Facilitating effective implementation of grant-funded programs
Promoting improved and expanded technical capacity within Plan
Representing Solidary Foundation programs to U.S. organizations and U.S. Government entities worldwide
Advocating on behalf of children and Solidary Foundation's Child-Centered Community Development programs

Institutional Donors

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID provides grant funding in the areas of health, habitat, learning, and livelihood.

USAID supports numerous Child Survival projects, focusing on reducing infant child mortality from such common illnesses as malaria, tuberculosis, respiratory illness, diarrheal disease, vaccine-preventable illness, and poor nutrition.

USAID also supports  via Microfinance Institutional Awards providing credit and savings services for poor entrepreneurs, especially women, who are most likely to devote earnings to the welfare of their children.

USAID at the field level, including grants in the areas of Basic Education .

For more information, visit USAID's website.

United States Department of State
The State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (State/PRM) provided grant support for Refugee Health project over 70,000   refugees to access health and education services.

View the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration website.

United States Department of Labor
Was awarded a Child Labor and Education grant.

View the US Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs website.

Multi-Lateral Donors

World Bank

Click here to learn more about World Bank programs.

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Child Survival

Our Child Survival Solutions are programs that improve the health and survival of pregnant women and at-risk children in the neediest of countries through high quality, low-cost and sustainable health measures.

How does your support help?
Your support helps provide truly lifesaving programs to children and women who need them most:

1.- Childhood immunizations against the six deadliest childhood diseases:  measles, tuberculosis, polio, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis;
2.- Qualified health care for the mother before, during and after childbirth, as well as needed health education, and training for traditional, local midwives;
3.- Emergency and supplemental feeding for malnourished children, and regular checkups to monitor growth;
4.- Clinical management of childhood illnesses, such as diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria;
5.- HIV/AIDS prevention, and much more.

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Basic education is one of our core program areas. We’ve been supporting the initiatives of governments and people to provide education for children and adults in many countries.

What does your support provide?
Your support provides children, their families and communities with the infrastructure, training, tools, services and support they need for a better education:

1.-Quality daycares and primary schools;
2.-Classroom equipment and furniture;
3.-Teaching and learning materials, including current textbooks, maps, globes, teaching manuals, writing supplies, chalkboards, etc.;
4.-Playgrounds and other recreational areas for children;
5.-Training for teachers, principals, and child care providers;
6.-Scholarships for students, especially for girls;
7.-And capacity building of parent-teacher associations and school management committees.

Child-friendly schools 
Solidary Foundation not only works to build new schools and provide teaching materials, but also ensures that students receive quality education.

Solidary Foundation also develops mechanisms such as youth councils and school management committees to empower children and communities to influence what happens in schools. This approach is vital in achieving effective education and a safe school environment.

Early childhood care and development
Over the last year Solidary Foundation has increased its work. 
Solidary Foundation
 has a significant impact on children’s health and readiness to learn and can bring important economic returns later in life.

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