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Solidary Credit Counselors is a department of Solidary Foundation to helps consumers obtain a clear perspective of their financial situation through counseling and education. Working closely with our clients, we help identify and resolve the source of their financial concerns. In order to provide the greatest convenience for our clients, we offer our services in person, via phone and through the internet.

Solidary Credit Counselors is dedicated to helping consumers identify and resolve the source of their financial concer achieve financial wellness and an improved quality of life, and presence in this industry has given us a deep understanding of consumer financial needs and goals. We are excited to offer more comprehensive  services to meet the growing needs of our clients. As always, we stay committed to helping individuals and families establish sound financial security and well-being through confidential and personalized service. Learn more about our Commitment to Service. 

When it comes to making financial choices that affect your future, you never have to be alone again. We will work closely with you to assess your financial situation and then give you the personalized support you need to make sound financial decisions. You can be sure that we'll be there with you every step of the way providing objective, personalized and confidential service.

Contact us for a confidential interview and we'll work together to:
Discuss recommendations for managing credit wisely.
Establish financial priorities to maximize income.
Explore alternatives to help you get out of debt.
Develop a customized household budget to get you on track.

Personalized Debt Management Solutions:
Call Solidary Credit Counselors at 1 305 907 9490 today to find out if a Debt Management Solution is right for you. Whether you want to ease the burden of increasing credit card debt, develop strategies to successfully manage your creditor payments or to resolve issues concerning past due accounts. During the counseling session, will work with you to:

a) Review and evaluate your current financial situation.
b) Develop strategies to manage creditor payments as a part of a balanced budget.
c) Evaluate personal financial goals.
d) Your Financial Specialist will help you explore other options for managing your debt.

After you enroll in the Debt Management Solutions program, you will benefit from the convenience of making one monthly payment to your creditors and reducing the interest you pay, you will receive periodic follow up.You will have paid off your debt to creditors.

If you have already been through an initial budget counseling session with a Specialist, and have determined that a Debt Management Program is the best solution for you, you will first need to get all of your creditor information in order. Your credit information includes all unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills or loans. 

Solidary Credit Counselors will negotiate with your creditors to lower your monthly payments and reduce the amount of interest and finance charges you are paying on your outstanding debt.
You will simply make one monthly payment that will be distributed accordingly to your creditors, and help you adjust your budget so that you are always maximizing your savings.

Dealing with the credit reporting system......

• The three major credit reporting bureaus may have different information about you, your history, and your credit standing.
• You have specific rights when turned down for credit. The law requires credit-reporting bureaus to give you a copy of your
report at no cost. It also provides you with the right to object to all or part of the content.
• Before you fill out a credit application, remember that the number of credit requests sent to a credit-reporting bureau may
affect your overall credit score. Some lenders may choose not to provide loans based on low score limits.
• Credit bureaus may exchange report information. An error contained in one credit reporting bureau file may affect other credit
reporting bureau's reports.

What we can do for you......

• Reduce Your Payments.
• Stop Late or Over the Limit Fees.
• Reduce or Eliminate Interest Charges.
• Stop Harassing Phone Calls.
• Consolidate Debt Into one Payment.
• Bring Accounts to a Current Status.
• Provide a Structured Payment Schedule.
• Handle Account Problems Quietly.
• Provide Access to Professional Assistance.

Solidary Credit Counselors works with unsecured creditors (credit card companies, doctors,
lawyers, etc.). We negotiate with your creditors to arrange special considerations, including lowering payments, reducing interest rates, waiving fees, and re-aging accounts, you simply make one monthly payment and we then distribute payments to each of your creditors.

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