Help us to help to John Jair Rueda


His History John Jairo Rueda, was born in Colombia 32 years ago, He was born with an unfortunate arm mutation because his mother, during pregnancy, acquired Rubella causing as a consequence this malformation. His outstanding will led this Colombian man to do things that are almost impossible to believe such as becoming an outstanding mechanic, capable driving cars, a good family man, an expert cook, a dangerous black belt sportsman and the best of all things an excellent painter. All of this simply demonstrates his incredible spirit and his example of overcoming his life handicap. He had originally a good prosthesis but with time it became too small. Now is necessary to change it so that it can better fit his grown body.

His Treatment: The Hospital Bethlehem Arab for Society Rehabilitation, after examining the incredible case of John Jairo Wheel, has offered to make the treatment and the prosthesis without  any cost.