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Project: Construction Guarderia KORA-KORA
Sponsor a boy of Bolivia



Representative of Solidary in Bolivia
"Juan Domingo I castrate Carrasco Medico - Surgeon

"Jorge Antonio Brown Prudencio Medico - Surgeon
"Bald Antonio Turfs Medico - Ophtalmologist
"Gabriela Carolina Bobarin Vargas Medico - Surgeon
"Alberto Hedí Aviles Vargas Medico - Surgeon
"Betty Zerna Lic. Rowlock In Infirmary
"Roxana Mercedes I castrate Carrasco Lawyer
"Guido Zarate Calizaza Medico Cardiologist
"Nardo Patricia Farmacéutica Biochemical Donoso
"Soraya Edmi Chipana Acuña Lic. in Infirmary
"Julia Rosemary Mendoza Medico fields Surgeon
"Miguel Herrera Angel Medico Horseman Neurosurgeon
"Rita Padilla Lic. Lemon in Infirmary
"Jose Maria Romero Medico Rowlock Surgeon
"Jhony Columba Masterful Gacha
"Wilfredo Escalante Herbas Medico Surgeon
"Rosmery Pinaya Ortega T.S. in Clinical Laboratory
"Silvia Liliana De la Cruz Claure Medico Pediatra
"Happiness Miranda Auxiliary Camargo of Infirmary
"Yul Rufino Castro Carrasco Auditor Ing. Civil
"David Antonio Cortez Zelaya Medico Surgeon
"Marianela Dark Zarate Biochemical Pharmacy
"Ramber Grageda Senzano Odontologo
"Leonida paca Padilla Maintenance
"Teofilo Anagua Flowers T.S. Fisioterapeuta
"Enrique sandro Official Peñaranda Level of Maintenance
"Judith Bustillo Alarcón Ginecologa - Obstetra




Organization Applicant: Solidary Foundation

Responsible Dr Juan D. Castro
Lic. Juana Leon Side

Fisica Location: District Kora-Kora

City: Sucre

Pais: Bolivia

Address: Solidary Foundation

C/Bald N # 381
Post-office box 1039
Telef: 00591-464-22524
Fax 00591-464-23164
Sucre- Bolivia
Sud America

The main objective that tries with the president project, is to cover an urgent necessity in the communities farmers with the different districts, necessity that we have described like as fundamental importance, like is the construction of one guarderia, destined to the solution of many problems like the great abandonment of children on the part of by different circumstances, mainly by the crisis partner-economica that it impels to look for work, for asi to be able to obtain the sustenance for its families.


Bolivia is country with a great one I number of deficiencies and very specially in the social aspect, the low quality of life, and the lack of work is the Main sources so that it happens problem the present, which is increased much but if a place does not exist where to leave the children while the parents go in search of a sustenance for the family.

The woman is not aceptadaa facilmente when this has a small boy to its care, reason by which the mother must leave the boy while this makes or looks for a work; this has impelled to us to be able to make project the present, since this problem becomes every greater time, the left childhood is increasing and cruel.


As department is the Second at level of Bolivia in poverty, which causes that greater the national problems are every time.


Sucre is an intermediate city, to which people emigrate farmer to be able to look for a sustenance for the family, this migrante family does not have greater resources, the conditions in which this arranged to live is of extreme poverty, this type of families is always numerous and has but of 6 children. One of the main problems over which it encounters is indeed the lack of an infrastructure destined to the care of the children while the parents can look for a daily sustenance.


At the moment in the city of Sucre they do not exist guarderias destined to the population of limited economicos resources, the woman worker is not accepted when she has a small boy, reason by which must leave it while it looks for or it makes an activity. I number of children who are left is very great in the different districts from immigrants farmers, for that reason we have tried to make the present project, always looking for improving the needed quality of life of but and that by their short age cannot be worth in case single.

It is important also to stand out that this project appears like a solution for many problems among them the youthful delicuencia, the drug addiction, because of the frequent abandonment of the families with respect to its children, by grapnel anchors who go from economicos problems, social and cultural.


The present project considers like a social action destined to the construction of a Guarderia, destined children who by the little or null amount of economicos resources of their parents, are themselves left in the street or they remain locked up in his houses, with the consequent risks that this entails, the abandonment by several hours of the children in the city of Sucre is very common in the families farmers, and frequently is the boy greater the one than it is in charge of everything, being the main problem that this it does not have but of 5 to 8 years, since demas young must work for being able to collaborate the subsistence of all his family, he is asi that the children whom they have greater age must be those that is in charge of but the small ones, young which also they need a protection, which cannot make the own activities of the childhood and childhood, and they become children with the responsibility of another boy, this brings many accidents, since those that they are not in charge either of but the small ones can make the activities of an adult.

The present project is destined to benefit approximately 100 daily children, included/understood between the six months to 5 years, age in which already can go to the school.



With the present project it is tried. -
a) To equip with an infrastructure destined guarderia.
b) To facilitate the access of children who do not have resources or who have very limited resources.
c) To equip from a place to the children in higienicas conditions as much as social so that they can develop.
d) To create means of development, motivating to the boy according to its age for its psico-motor development.
e) To maintain to the children under protection of greater and responsible people.


- the primary target of the present project, is the one of being able to construct a Guarderia, in the same community farmer, equipping itself asi to this zone with an infrastructure destined to the care of the small children but.
- To equip to the mother an atmosphere destined to the care with its children offering him the security that needs.
- To offer to the children of the personnel specialized in the education and development of the children, creating this way a progress of its psycho-social aptitudes and psico-motor.
- It is important also to stand out that with this type of projects the amount of left children diminishes since protection in charge of the family mothers is offered to them.
- Also it offers work to the family mothers who would atenderan to the children since families recibiran a remuneration on the part of demas beneficiaries.


The Association FOUNDATION SOLIDARY , is the one in charge to the present make project next to its social workers and to their department of projects, department created specially for this type of projects.

The Association  FOUNDATION SOLIDARY  look for the construction by means of the coordination with International Organisms destined this aim.

The study of the project, topografico rise, design and presentation is financed by FOUNDATION SOLIDARY, looking for nonsingle to cover with the basicas necessities of the project, if not also with all the expectations of the families and mainly the comfort of many generations of young very poor farmers.


The families beneficiaries of the present project are pricipales impellers of the present. The necessity that they have describes it like urgent, since it also benefits nonsingle to the boy but the family, because the tranquillity of being able to leave to a boy in a place adapted for its care, is beneficial in general to all the society giving rise ademas that the parents can look for daily sustenance to be able to survive.


The Association FOUNDATION SOLIDARY, debera to be in charge to be able to obtain the financial resources, destined to the construction of the infrastructure of the present, the beneficiaries of the zone are the ones in charge to maintain to the educators, with their resources, as also of the maintenance of the infrastructure from the delivery of the work.


The present project has been described like as first necessity on the part of the social workers.

In the zone to which this directed project the present, does not tell on ningun type of infrastructure destined guarderia, reason by which the neighbors of this zone, see themselves in the necessity to ask for the collaboration of different Institutions, in order to be able to consolidate this yearning.

The present project, this destining to lodge 100 daily children during the 12 months of the year, ademas is tried to give courses on basica health of the boy like of basicos principles that are due to very consider in the raising of the children, integrating asi to the mother in the task of the major education of the boy in general.


For five years the neighbors they have been showing its proposito of being able to count on a Guarderia in the zone, the neighbors are the main promoters of the present project, in the zone all the families have small children, that they pertencen to guarderia reason by which it is possible to be said that it is a project motivated by the 100% of the neighbors.


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