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We are dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people.
We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Who We Are:
Core Values:
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1. Who We Are:

A group of individuals from the five continents with different ethnicity, tradition, culture, and different religion, were together, could they make a difference? As human people we are all taught to be examples. Does this mean that we should all aggressively try to make such a difference? The answer turned out to be yes.

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not the hate them, but to be indifferent to them.
That's the essence of inhumanity.
- George Bernard Shaw

Each to his own abilities and by what means we have been given. Always do what is right. Is it right to deny charitable aid to those in need if you are able to provide for their needs in a meaningful way? Once again the answer is yes. This would become the foundation for an organization, a charitable organization founded on the most basic of human people tenets, “Love thy neighbor”.

Solidary Foundation recognizes the needs of others, both great and small. Financial, material, and more importantly emotional and spiritual needs. Solidary Foundation involves itself in meeting those needs in the feeding and shelter of the hungry and homeless and the financial needs of the sick and injured, those men defending our country abroad and those who have sacrificed in past service to others. The fight against abuses of many kinds. Against our children, the dependent, elderly and infirm.

It is the recognition of any individual’s ability to ease the burden of his fellow man and the determination to do so that fuels the Solidary Foundation network many efforts in communities both near and far.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is:
What are you doing for others?
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Uniting, focusing and mobilizing the strengths of individuals who care is what Solidary Foundation does best. This is accomplished through the use of many forms of financial gifts. Both private and corporate charitable donations, charitable gifts from governmental agencies, product philanthropy and partnerships with fellow charitable organizations.
The basic charitable services developed by the Solidary Foundation have continued to evolve and continue as an outward visible expression of our charity's strong principles.

The act of philanthropy is a spiritual act, an expression of caring for one's fellow human beings. It is a belief in the future and that the future can be good. It is investing in that future. It is helping to make the dream come true.  -   Arthur Frantzreb

We the People…

The Solidary Foundation membership is ever growing. As an exercise of service to others, a growing body of volunteers and affiliates who give freely of their time and efforts that comprise much of our organization and allows Solidary Foundation to give more freely and more abundantly by fulfilling far more needs throughout communities than would otherwise be possible.

Charity is the scope of all God's commands. - St. John Chrysosatom

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2. Structure:

Solidary Foundation is a charitable organization, established within the terms of the section 501(c)(3) of the Code of Exemption of Taxes of the United States of America.

Is an institution non-profit worldwide, cradled in the city of Miami, Florida, that has as a primary target to safeguard the rights of the people, contributing to give social, educative and sanitary attendance, providing nutritional aid to children, old and the needy; creating, generating and promoting the general well-being, with the purpose of helping the fellow Citizen. In order to obtain its aims, the Solidary Foundation respects:

The European Convention for the Trusteeship of the Human rights and the Fundamental Liberties: 4 of November of 1995 - 3 of September of 1953/Law 4 of August of 1955 in the G.U. 24,09,1955 n. 221;

The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Person;

The Convention of the Political Rights of Woman;

The UN 20 of December of 1952: Convention to suppress all form of discrimination towards woman - the UN 18 of December of 1979;

The European Social Letter - Council of Europe of the 18 of October of 1961;

The Convention of Is disciplines it the protection of the minors, 12 of June of 1961;

The European Convention to recognize and to execute the decisions in the subject of the monitoring of the minors and the protection of the children - Luxembourg 20 of May of 1980 - 1 of September of 1983; and

It is committed to develop all the activities necessary and to use all the means that consider opportune, without exclusions, for the practical performance of the conventions that are taken care of the protection of the Rights of the Person.

In addition, The Solidary Foundation is committed to make any activity that is necessary and to use all routes that considers useful, without exception, while it is allowed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida.

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3. Funding:

Solidary Foundation, functions as a partnership of interdependent advisory councils. Comprised of business professionals, church, and social service leaders, A common mission statement and shared core values bind the partnership together.

Almost 80 per cent of Solidary Founds' funding comes from private sources, including individuals, corporations and foundations. The remainder comes from governments and multilateral agencies. In addition to cash contributions, Solidary Foundation accepts gifts-in-kind, typically in the form of food commodities, medicine, and clothing.

Approximately half of Solidary Foundation’s programmers are funded through child sponsorship. Individuals, families, churches and groups are linked with specific community projects in their own country or abroad. Sponsors pledge a certain amount   to support community programmers.

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4. Core Values:

The Solidary Foundation Partnership has five core values that are central to its identity and what it aspires to be. 
 a.We are committed to the poor:
 b.We value people:
 c.We are stewards:
 d.We are partners:
 e.We are responsive:

a. We are committed to the poor:

We are called to serve the neediest people of the earth; to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their wellbeing. We stand in solidarity in a common search for justice. We seek to understand the situation of the poor and work alongside them.

We respect the poor as active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship. They are people from whom others may learn and receive, as well as give. The need for transformation is common to all. Together we share a quest for justice, peace, reconciliation, and healing in a broken world.

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b. We value people:

We regard all people as created and loved by God. We give priority to people before money, structure, systems, and other institutional machinery. We act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person - the poor, the donors, our staff and their families, boards, and volunteers. We celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, culture and contribution.

We practice a participative, open, enabling style in working relationships. We encourage the professional, personal, and spiritual development of our staff.

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c. We are stewards:

The resources at our disposal are not our own. They are a trust from God through donors on behalf of the poor. We speak and act honestly. We are open and factual in our dealings with donors, project communities, governments and the public at large.

We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and financial accountability.

We are stewards of God's creation. We care for the earth and act in ways that will restore and protect the environment. We ensure that our development activities are ecologically sound.

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d.  We are partners:

We are partners with the poor and with donors in a shared ministry. We are members of an international Solidary Foundation Partnership that transcends legal, structural, and cultural boundaries.

We pursue relationships with all churches and desire mutual participation in ministry. We maintain a cooperative stance and a spirit of openness towards other humanitarian organizations.

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e.  We are responsive:

We are responsive to life-threatening emergencies where our involvement is needed and appropriate. We are willing to take intelligent risks and act quickly.

We do this from a foundation of experience and sensitivity to what the situation requires. We also recognize that even in the midst of crisis the destitute have a contribution to make.

We are responsive in a different sense where deep seated and often complex economic and social deprivation calls for sustainable, long-term development.

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