Mr. Francisco José Bolivia - Mr.Paul Chehade - Mr. José Mansur Farhat - Mr. Vicente José da Silva
Mr. Robson Feitosa da Silva - Mr. Fernando I. de Figueiredo - Mr.Carlos Eduardo Gianini

Solidary Foundation - Solidary Brazil is a non-profit organization incorporated in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The purpose is to help street kids in Brazil to have hope for a better future. A volunteer group help the children of impoverished towns and villages, also distributes toys to the children each holiday season as well as food baskets for the teachers and their assistantsSolidary Brazil establish and support locally owned projects in Brazil that encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of adolescents and teach them the principles of business success. In these projects they obtain hands on experience in operating a small business, including learning technical skills, managing, sales and interpersonal relationship.

Mr. Jose Mansur Farhat, President and Mr. Jose Vicente da Silva, Vice-President  with the board of director of Solidary Brazil are working to help direct the people in need and their vision is work for a better future  with hope.

To alleviate the day-to-day poverty impacts endured by families in the poor and remote areas of Brazil.

To assist with their basic necessities such as, but not limited to, health, hygiene, shoes and clothing.

To enable them to participate in life more fully via educational activities designed to enrich their lives and generate confident and kind adults.

To bring dental and medical assistance to needed communities and to train and enhance local efforts.
 Solidary Brazil have several goals with the singular purpose of helping the needy among the inland Brazillian population. At Solidary Brazil  provide the following services:

I.  Delivery of charitable and educational relief to the very poor in remotes areas of Brazil.

II. Promotion of goodwill between the American and Brazilian cultures by allowing donors and volunteers to join the missions and experience firsthand the benefits of their contributions.
The objective is to address the impact of poverty on underserved Brazilian children and their families by providing tangible and intangible charitable and educational resources directly to these communities as follows:

Providing basic necessities such as new and recycled apparel, shoes and uniforms.

Providing new and recycled school supplies.

Providing health and hygiene-related items.

Providing new and recycled sports equipment
Assist local underserved communities with the creation and maintenance of:

a.    Recreational athletic programs based on an American sports camps model.
b.    Athletic leadership development programs for teens to foster self-confidence and self-reliance.
c.    Medical and dental assistance.
d.    A cultural and educational program to promote goodwill between the two countries.

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